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Club members and the general public visited NSCC Kingstec Aug. 12 to view the exhibits prepared for the Valley Gardeners’ 35th Annual Open Horticultural Show.
Club members and the general public visited NSCC Kingstec to view the exhibits prepared for the Valley Gardeners’ 35th Annual Open Horticultural Show. - Ashley Thompson

If gardens or music bring you joy, there’s an event coming up Aug. 18 that’s not to be missed.

Garden Melodies - the Valley Gardeners’ Club’s 36th annual open horticultural show – is looking for entries for gardeners who grow veggies, fruit, flowers, houseplants or outdoor containers. There are even classes for garden-related photographs and flower arrangements as well as baking and preserves.

This show is for gardeners of all ages, with special categories for children such as It’s Not Easy Being Green, which calls for one hosta leaf; Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer, Do, in which one daisy of any colour is required; and Inch Worm, Inch Worm, Measuring the Marigolds, for which children can enter one marigold bloom to be judged on the width of the bloom.

Adults can enter cut flowers in 22 different classes. No matter what a gardener grows, if it doesn’t fit into one of the specific classes it’s bound to be covered by one of the catch-all classes: any perennial vine, other perennial flowers and other annual flowers.

If veggies and fruit are more your thing, there are classes for all the items commonly found in local gardens as well as classes for any other vegetable and any other fruit, where gardeners can show off more exotic produce.

Even without garden beds, Kings County residents won’t be left out. There are five categories for houseplants and three for outdoor containers. One of them is Scarborough Fair – and this one must include parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.


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Shutterbugs will be interested in the four photography classes, all following the Garden Melodies show theme. The nearness of you calls for a close-up of a flower or flowers; the garden requires a garden view; and in the garden must include bugs, birds, animals, children or adults or statuary depicting any of those life forms. There is also an open class, where the photographer must name the photo with a song title or lyrics that refer to a flower, tree or shrub.

There are seven floral design classes in this year’s show, ranging from ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ – a foliage design - to ‘Moon River’ – a design featuring water or strongly suggesting water. There is also a class open only to those who have never won a design ribbon at one of the club’s previous shows, aimed at encouraging newcomers. It’s called ‘A Tisket a Tasket’ and must be a kitchen design in a basket containing at least two herbs, two vegetables and two fruit.

There’s still the For The Cooks section of the show, which includes 14 ways people can participate, whether it be by baking an apple pie, blueberry muffins, biscuits or bread or preparing pickles, relish, chow, chutney, jam, jelly or salsa. There’s even a ‘Bake It and Name It’ class where the maker names the product using a song title or lyrics that refer to a flower, vegetable or fruit included the recipe.

Entries for all items except photographs will be accepted from 8-10 a.m. on the morning of the show at the NSCC Kingstec campus on Belcher Street in Kentville. Photographic entries must be received by the evening Aug. 16.

For all the details around the 69 different classes of competition, how to enter or any of the show rules, see the show schedule on the Valley Gardeners Club’s website at or call the show committee chairwoman, Sandi Carroll, at 902-300-1878.

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