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Effective June 29, 2018, the Falmouth area is under a boil water advisory.
The Village of Canning is under a water boil advisory as of August 1 after routine water tests revealed a microbial contaminant in the village's water supply. - FILE

Residents advised to boil, bleach water before different uses

CANNING – A water boil advisory has been issued in Canning after routine tests revealed a contaminant in the water.

The ban was issued August 1 after a routine water quality test found positive results for microbial contamination in the Village of Canning’s water supply, according to Brittany Mastroianni, Diversity and Outreach Specialist with the Municipality of Kings County.

The village’s Water Utility has released an information sheet on the ban, advising that all residents “boil all water for at least one minute before drinking, making ice cubes, washing foods, brushing teeth or any other activity requiring human and domestic animal consumption” until advised otherwise.

Disinfected water – either boiled or bleached – can be used for washing and bathing, washing dishes, humidifiers or washing food to be eaten uncooked, such as fruit or vegetables.

“Our mandate is to take precautions when this happens,” said Mastroianni, adding untreated water can still be used for things like laundry and household cleaning.

Mastroianni also said the water utility is conducting water tests daily, 24 hours apart. The ban will be lifted once two consecutive tests come back with clear results showing the contaminant is gone.

“We don’t believe it’s a system issue, and I can confirm it’s not an equipment failure,” said Mastroianni, who could not speak to how serious the contaminant may be.

According to Mastroianni, the tests are conducted and sent to Department of Health officers located at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, with results sent back to the village and the province’s health department.

“It’s a pretty transparent process, for obvious reasons,” said Mastroianni.

She also confirmed the village’s last boil advisory was in February 2015 as a precautionary measure after a water main break. This is also the first entire Utility Boil Advisory in the municipality’s operating history since 2011.

Anyone looking for more information on the water ban is directed to contact the Municipality of Kings County at 902-678-6141 or the Environmental Health unit at the Department of Environment at 1-800-563-3611.

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